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Hello Fellow SoarMC Players!

I am here to announce our official Release of Season 3 Of SoarMC Factions! I would like to thank everyone for their support these last coming weeks! After some hard work and commitment from our Management Team (Special Thank you to ThatProgrammer, MrKahos & MrModdzz)

We have been able to COMPLETELY Revamp Factions! We have added NEW Plugins and spigots, Custom features and amazing new features such as Bosses and the SoarMC Battle Pass!

We have been trying to create small little update logs regarding everything we've done in #updates but if you missed them, I'll say them here now!

-= [ Features ] =-
- Money Pouches
- New Bosses (Necromancer, Black Widow, Yeti, Pyromancer, Cyclops, Kraken!)
- Daily Koths
- OutPost
- Token Shop
- Sugar Cane Eco
- Bartender Casino
-Mob Coins
- SoarMC Battle Pass
- New Custom Enchants
- New Gkits (Luna, Titan, God)
- Quests
- Revamped Crates
- Daily Rewards!
- Weekly Payouts!
-Grace period will be 5 days


Thank you everyone!
-KrispyCubes | SoarMC​
Hello Everyone! I am super stoked to finally create this post! I am here today to give every one of you some information on our first Season of SoarMC, Factions!!! I hope to see you all on our Reset on
Saturday, December 8th at 5 PM EST!

Features in Game:

- 10k x 10k ALL World Borders (FLAT Nether + End)
- NEW Bosses!
- NEW Monthly Crates!
- NEW Keys/Prizes
- ChunkBusters!
- AMAZING Economy!
- NEW Custom Enchants
- WEEKLY Events!
- Buycraft Vouchers IN GAME!
- CUSTOM Koths!
- DAILY Koths!
- CUSTOM Tags!
- 1 PV to Members!
- PERFECT AsyncPots!

Faction Information:

- /F Fly!
- /F Upgrade!
- /F Missions!
- /F Options!
- /F Permissions!
- 5 Allies!
- 12 Corners (End, Nether, Overworld)!
- BUYCRAFT For Power Factions!
- 3 Power each death
- 20 Power Per Person!
- Blaze Temples In Nether!


First Place: $250 Paypal + Buycraft
Second Place: $150 Paypal + Buycraft
Third Place: $50 Paypal + Buycraft
Fourth Place: 35 Buycraft
Fifth Place: 15 Buycraft

Total F Top Value: $950


If you want to check out ALL these AMAZING features and MORE in game, make sure you don't miss our OFFICAL Launch next weekend! In the time being, our Faction Trailer will be up in a couple of days or so. Re-Uploading our Trailer will result in you receiving 2 Mythical Keys on Reset! In order to participate in this offer, you must have over 100 Subscribers/Followers on Youtuber or Twitch. Please stay up to date on our Discord for more information on when we will be releasing the Trailer along with following announcements that you will need to know for reset! Thank you everyone, and once again, I can't wait to see you on reset!

Server IP:...​
Hello everyone! After talking to the rest of the Management team, we have decided to work on a little bonus system within our discord. If you head to #bot-commands channel and you type " `invite-codes " you will receive your very own special invite code! With this invite code, we would like you to send it to as MANY people as you can. When a player joins our discord with the invite code myself and the other Admins+ receive the notification. Our hopes are for everyone in this discord to grind out those invites and get as many players in our discord as we can so in order to make this a sweeter situation, we have decided to reward you for certain amounts of invites! The rewards as followed:
10 invites: $5 Buycraft
20 invites: $10 Buycraft
30 invites: $25 buycraft
50 invites: $5 PayPal
75 invites: $10 PayPal
100 invites: $25 PayPal
^ 2 Cents each Invite after last prize ^
We hope everyone likes the new system that we are implementing today and let's get those invites sent out! Good Luck!!!

<3 Thanks, Manager - Joes

Welcome everyone to the official Season 1 of SoarMC! Today, I would like to introduce myself and the rest of the Administration team just so everyone is familiar with in-game names and roles.


- Krispycubes
Discord: Krispy#0001

- ItsJoes
Discord: Joes#4997

- Mackenzie
Discord: 「ᴍkenzie」#5262
- DunkinDoughnut
Discord: DunkinDoughnut#6767
Discord: Gavin#2926
- MrModdzz
Discord: MrModdzz#2623
- ThatProgrammer
Discord: ThatProgrammer#6001

Each and everyone of our current staff members are always looking for the opportunity to help out a fellow player in-game or on forums. Best way to contact us is through discord. We highly recommend creating a support ticket on our Discord. Please stay up to date with both our Forums and our Discord as announcements and important messages will be sent out through these platforms.

Thank you everyone and I hope this thread has been of use.

With Love, SoarMC​