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    Welcome everyone to the official Season 1 of SoarMC! Today, I would like to introduce myself and the rest of the Administration team just so everyone is familiar with in-game names and roles.


    - Krispycubes
    Discord: Krispy#0001

    - ItsJoes
    Discord: Joes#4997

    - Mackenzie
    Discord: 「ᴍkenzie」#5262
    - DunkinDoughnut
    Discord: DunkinDoughnut#6767
    - PGQ
    Discord: Gavin#2926
    - MrModdzz
    Discord: MrModdzz#2623
    - ThatProgrammer
    Discord: ThatProgrammer#6001

    Each and everyone of our current staff members are always looking for the opportunity to help out a fellow player in-game or on forums. Best way to contact us is through discord. We highly recommend creating a support ticket on our Discord. Please stay up to date with both our Forums and our Discord as announcements and important messages will be sent out through these platforms.

    Thank you everyone and I hope this thread has been of use.

    With Love, SoarMC​
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