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    Hello everyone! After talking to the rest of the Management team, we have decided to work on a little bonus system within our discord. If you head to #bot-commands channel and you type " `invite-codes " you will receive your very own special invite code! With this invite code, we would like you to send it to as MANY people as you can. When a player joins our discord with the invite code myself and the other Admins+ receive the notification. Our hopes are for everyone in this discord to grind out those invites and get as many players in our discord as we can so in order to make this a sweeter situation, we have decided to reward you for certain amounts of invites! The rewards as followed:
    10 invites: $5 Buycraft
    20 invites: $10 Buycraft
    30 invites: $25 buycraft
    50 invites: $5 PayPal
    75 invites: $10 PayPal
    100 invites: $25 PayPal
    ^ 2 Cents each Invite after last prize ^
    We hope everyone likes the new system that we are implementing today and let's get those invites sent out! Good Luck!!!

    <3 Thanks, Manager - Joes
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