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    Hello Everyone! I am super stoked to finally create this post! I am here today to give every one of you some information on our first Season of SoarMC, Factions!!! I hope to see you all on our Reset on
    Saturday, December 8th at 5 PM EST!

    Features in Game:

    - 10k x 10k ALL World Borders (FLAT Nether + End)
    - NEW Bosses!
    - NEW Monthly Crates!
    - NEW Keys/Prizes
    - ChunkBusters!
    - AMAZING Economy!
    - NEW Custom Enchants
    - WEEKLY Events!
    - Buycraft Vouchers IN GAME!
    - CUSTOM Koths!
    - DAILY Koths!
    - CUSTOM Tags!
    - 1 PV to Members!
    - PERFECT AsyncPots!

    Faction Information:

    - /F Fly!
    - /F Upgrade!
    - /F Missions!
    - /F Options!
    - /F Permissions!
    - 5 Allies!
    - 12 Corners (End, Nether, Overworld)!
    - BUYCRAFT For Power Factions!
    - 3 Power each death
    - 20 Power Per Person!
    - /GEN GUI!
    - Blaze Temples In Nether!


    First Place: $250 Paypal + Buycraft
    Second Place: $150 Paypal + Buycraft
    Third Place: $50 Paypal + Buycraft
    Fourth Place: 35 Buycraft
    Fifth Place: 15 Buycraft

    Total F Top Value: $950


    If you want to check out ALL these AMAZING features and MORE in game, make sure you don't miss our OFFICAL Launch next weekend! In the time being, our Faction Trailer will be up in a couple of days or so. Re-Uploading our Trailer will result in you receiving 2 Mythical Keys on Reset! In order to participate in this offer, you must have over 100 Subscribers/Followers on Youtuber or Twitch. Please stay up to date on our Discord for more information on when we will be releasing the Trailer along with following announcements that you will need to know for reset! Thank you everyone, and once again, I can't wait to see you on reset!

    Server IP:
    Trailer: N/A
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