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    Hello Fellow SoarMC Players!

    I am here to announce our official Release of Season 3 Of SoarMC Factions! I would like to thank everyone for their support these last coming weeks! After some hard work and commitment from our Management Team (Special Thank you to ThatProgrammer, MrKahos & MrModdzz)

    We have been able to COMPLETELY Revamp Factions! We have added NEW Plugins and spigots, Custom features and amazing new features such as Bosses and the SoarMC Battle Pass!

    We have been trying to create small little update logs regarding everything we've done in #updates but if you missed them, I'll say them here now!

    -= [ Features ] =-
    - Money Pouches
    - New Bosses (Necromancer, Black Widow, Yeti, Pyromancer, Cyclops, Kraken!)
    - Daily Koths
    - OutPost
    - Token Shop
    - Sugar Cane Eco
    - Bartender Casino
    -Mob Coins
    - MCMMO
    - SoarMC Battle Pass
    - New Custom Enchants
    - New Gkits (Luna, Titan, God)
    - Quests
    - Revamped Crates
    - Daily Rewards!
    - Weekly Payouts!
    -Grace period will be 5 days


    Thank you everyone!
    -KrispyCubes | SoarMC​
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